Crete island


Crete (Krìti) is the fifth largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, historically in the centre of all political events between Europe, Africa and the Orient.

It is about 260 km. long, and 30 km. wide, for a total surface of about 300 km², with a high mountain backbone running through its length (the highest peak, Oros Psiloriti, reaches 2456m.

The history of Crete is ancient and turbulent. From Neolithic times, to the Minoan civilization (from king Minos, son of Zeus and Europe), to the Dorian, the Byzantines, the Turks, the Genoeses, to the Venetians, the Germans…..Crete has seen it all, and not at all as a spectator! Their rebellions against the Turks, and later against the Germans, have indicated the spirit of independence of the Cretans.

Crete has it all: mountains, rivers, valleys, cities, beaches, roads, museums, temples , castles and fortresses, olive oil, good food, good wine and Tsipouro, the Kri-kri goat, 150 indigenous species of plants, music, ports, hotels of all types…and sunny days.

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