Eastern Aegean

Eastern Aegean

Only since 1912 these islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea, close to Turkey, returned to be part of the Motherland Greece, to which they are linked by ancient history, legends and that have given life to figures such as Homer, Epicurus, Pythagoras, and Sappho.

The islands are Samos, Thassos,Ikaria, Fourni, Chios,Lesvos, Lemnos and Samothrace.

Their story begins far away: 5000 BC, to continue until the present day, as these islands have a decisive position as a bridge to the east. History, culture, economy, agriculture and trade make no less beautiful and interesting islands for tourism of the Dodecanese islands. UNESCO to Samos are the ancient port and the Pythagoreion and the Ionic temple dedicated to Hera, the Heraion. The various occupations, which lasted centuries, from the Romans to the Byzantines, the Venetians, French, Genoese (Frankokratia), from the Byzantines to the Turks (Turkokratia), have left, as in other parts of Greece many signs, but the Greek language and the Orthodox religion kept the Greek identity of the islands.

Tourism, therefore, offer a lot: beautiful beaches, clean sea, verdant valleys, archaeological sites, but also international and local cuisine, wines and typical products, such as mastixa of Chios.

The islands are accessible by ferry or flights from Athens / Piraeus / Rafina. Airports in Limnos, Lesvos, Chios, Samos.

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