Ionian islands


In direct contrast to the dry land of most Greece and the nearby Albania, the Ionian Islands are green, rainy in wintertime, with superb landscapes of the deep blue waters and of the evergreen mountains.

Often conquered in ancient history by the powerful in time, from the late XIV century the islands were occupied by the Venetians, who stayed until the XVIII century and left their architecture and styles.

Later the islands were ruled by the French and by the English, who released the islands back to Greece, in 1864, and certainly added their style, too. Today, the islands are truly Greek.

The Islands are full of ancient monuments and recent ones, even though, due to the earthquake of 1954, much had to be reconstructed. Ithaka is the land of Ulysses, and Zakynthos of Solomos, the poet who worded the National Hymn, and all the Ionian Islands have historical spots along with their magnificent beaches.

Touristy well developed, The Islands are well connected both by air of by sea, and have anything a tourist might desire, both for night life and for quietness.

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